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    What makes real estate in Jefferson County, NY a worthwhile investment

    Jefferson County is a departure from what you’d expect of New York: instead of a concrete jungle, think birch, maple trees, and state parks. It’s a place that perfectly balances work opportunities and amenities and is far enough from the hustle and bustle of the big city for those looking for a more tranquil lifestyle. Here you’ll find commercial buildings that don’t dominate the skyline, but instead, blend in with the natural surroundings.

    All this has made investing in real estate in Jefferson County, NY an extremely attractive prospect for those looking for a high quality of life without the eye watering expense that normally entails.

    Watertown, New York

    Here’s a guide on why real estate in Jefferson County, NY is worth your consideration.

    An introduction to Jefferson County

    This New York county can be found in the northern border of the US, at the Junction of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Jefferson County is a lowland region that’s connected to the Canadian city of Ontario.

    It is notable for its proximity to several bay inlets, including Black River, Chaumont, and Henderson bays. This particular portion of the St. Lawrence River is also known as the Thousand Islands, a group of small isles that are spread throughout the boundary of Ontario and the state of New York.

    Jefferson County is home to Fort Drum, the largest US Army installation in the northeast. If you invest in property here, you might even end up being neighbors with one of the 39,600 soldiers, family members, and civilian employees that comprise Fort Drum’s 10th Mountain Division.

    The county has a total of 15 state parks and 9 state forests, each offering plenty of recreational outdoor activities. But as well as the natural beauty of the area, there’s a rich history that runs through Jefferson County. Before it was named after third US President Thomas Jefferson in 1805, the place was already home to Indians of the Iroquois Confederacy. Centuries later, Jefferson County would become one of the most diverse counties in New York.

    Today, there are more than 111,000 residents, including families and young professionals who call the area home.

    The real estate market

    Before investing in real estate in Jefferson County, NY, let’s give you a picture of the state of the recent market.

    High demand from buyers in 2021

    In 2021, home prices in New York counties such as Jefferson County skyrocketed and the supply of properties couldn’t keep pace with demand. This trend continued until the first half of 2022, and it wasn’t uncommon for realtors to schedule several showings and close several listings in a single day. Buyers would often find themselves in bidding wars, which, in turn, caused a dramatic rise in the price of homes for sale.

    The trend mirrored much of what had happened to the real estate market in the state of New York in 2021. This fervent demand among homebuyers drove prices upwards, with the statewide median home price reaching $370,000 last year. On average, homes in the state of New York sold at $481,322, and most of them were sold at their listed price.

    While Jefferson County’s median list price is much less than the New York average-at its peak in mid 2022 the median listed price stood at $223,500-it still experienced an almost unprecedented boom in prices. In January 2022 the median listed price was only $179,000. In six months, the market had appreciated almost 25%.

    At its busiest in mid 2022, the market saw homes being sold in Jefferson County within 62 days, much quicker than the average in the area of 78 days.

    A question you should ask is: can you expect the same level of demand and competition if you were to invest in real estate in Jefferson County, NY now or in the near future?

    The market in Jefferson County today

    Fortunately for those looking to invest, the market in Jefferson County has cooled and stabilized.

    As of October, the median price of listed homes in the county was $190,000. This is a slight increase compared to the median home price reported back in 2021, which was $182,500. Overall, properties in Jefferson County are valued at $118 per square foot, and homes are sold at a median price of $204,000.

    The inventory of available homes remains limited. On the other hand, the demand for homes and land for sale in Jefferson County, NY is not as fervent compared to the previous peak period. The market is relatively balanced and tips somewhat towards buyers.

    If expert predictions prove correct and home prices don’t drop anytime soon while mortgage rates continue to climb, now is the right time for you to invest in real estate.

    Why buy your new home in Jefferson County NY

    Tight-knit communities, top schools, a low cost of living, and great employment opportunities make Jefferson County a great place to raise a family or start a new career, or retire in.

    Downtown Watertown, New York

    Let’s delve deeper into the reasons why purchasing real estate in Jefferson County, NY is worth considering.

    Excellent education system

    Jefferson County prides itself on valuing education. Most of its locals – 83.10% of the population – have a high school diploma. Compared to the percentage of adults in New York and across the US – with 78.80% and 80.61%, respectively – Jefferson County has a higher ratio of people who have a higher level of education. This pattern is replicated as you go higher up the education tree with the population of Jefferson County consistently rating strongly compared to New York as a whole and the rest of the US.

    Jefferson County has a great education system and some which are highly rated in online reviews include:

    Low cost of living

    “Expensive” might be the first word that comes to mind when you think of New York, but that’s not the case in Jefferson County. In fact, the cost of living in this county is considerably lower compared to the statewide and nationwide average. While the state of New York has an overall cost of living index of 121.5, Jefferson County comes in at only 80.8. The national average is set at 100.

    Specifically speaking, groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, and healthcare costs are much more affordable in Jefferson County compared to other places. The biggest difference can be seen in housing where the New York average comes in at 127.9 while Jefferson County comes in at 53.9. Buying real estate in Jefferson County is almost 50% cheaper than compared to the rest of the US average and much more than 50% cheaper when compared to the New York average.

    Opportunities in different industries

    Jefferson County might have a quiet, idyllic vibe, but it’s actually teeming with opportunities for professional growth. Fort Drum is one of the county’s biggest employers, with about 4,000 civilians and 820 contractors aiding its operation. Apart from this, you can explore job opportunities in some of the biggest industries in the county.

    Food processing and agriculture are among the key industries here. In fact, some of the largest food processing companies in North America have set up shop in Jefferson County, owing to its accessibility to stateside and international shipping routes. There are also opportunities in the finance, insurance, and real estate sectors.

    Living in friendly neighborhoods

    Whether you’re a young professional who wants to pursue their career but are also looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life or you have a young family eager to put down new roots in a peaceful town, you’ll find the perfect neighborhood in Jefferson County. Most of the areas here are small towns where neighbors are supportive, warm, and eager to create good communities.

    Here’s a glimpse of some of the best neighborhoods in Jefferson County.

    • Sackets Harbour. The gateway to the 1000 Islands, Sackets Harbour can make a strong claim to be possibly the most beautiful neighborhood in the area. Its charm is extenuated by the wonderful lifestyle to be had here. The marina provides a wealth of water activities such as kayaking, sailing, and water skiing, and bars and restaurants run along the waterfront.

      Sacket Harbor waterfront property can be considerably more expensive than most other neighborhoods in Jefferson County, but even here, there are great deals to be had.

    • Watertown. The county seat of Jefferson County has all the amenities you’d expect in a city, like a variety of restaurants and shopping centers. Watertown also plays host to events that both locals and tourists alike can enjoy. However, it’s easy to find quiet in this city with its many parks.

    • Black River. This community of around 1,400 residents is the perfect place to raise kids. Here, you can count on your neighbors as well as gain a great sense of privacy. Apart from being a great place for small families, Black River is very appealing for retirees.

    • Carthage. The town is slightly more populated than Black River, with over 3,300 people residing here. However, it does a great job in combining the suburban feel of Black River and the modern amenities in nearby Watertown. You can have a night out over at Watertown, then settle in for a peaceful night in your Carthage home.

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    What you can expect for your investment

    Now that you have some insights on this New York county, it’s time to look into available real estate in Jefferson County, NY. While there are some properties and land that can go for over $1M, there are a considerable number of homes which fall well below that figure.

    Here is what you can expect in some of the different price ranges and investment options:

    4 or more bedroom waterfront estate (Above $3M)

    At the luxury end of the market, you can get a waterfront home for sale in Jefferson County, NY. At this price point you can expect plenty of land, dozens of acres in fact, as well as over 100 ft of shoreline. Naturally the house itself will be spacious and could cover over 5,000 sq ft. Beds and bathrooms differ from one luxury home to another, but you’re looking to have at least 4 beds and baths or above. Internal design will be immaculate and the furnishings and fittings of luxurious quality. Garages will be large accommodating more than 1 vehicle or be sufficient in size to accommodate a workshop or hobby room.

    The view will be spectacular and since you’re looking at a waterfront luxury home, you can expect river or water access.

    2-bedroom ranch ($150,000)

    At a very affordable range of $150,000 you can acquire a property such as a half-acre ranch located in a good area only minutes away from amenities. You can expect the interior to feature an open layout, creating a cozy yet inviting environment. While this range represents the very affordable end of the market, it wouldn’t be out of the question to find renovated kitchens and bathrooms, complete with marble countertops, brand new kitchen appliances, and revamped lighting fixtures.

    At this price point, it’s also possible to have an open space in front of the ranch where you and your family can have a picnic or a barbecue.

    3-bedroom fixer-upper ($55,000)

    Those looking for an opportunity to flip a house can find plenty of fixer-uppers in Jefferson County. It’s possible to acquire a three-bedroom property in close proximity to the best schools in the county. The property could feature brand new furniture and appliances, including kitchen cabinets and a dishwasher. While at this price you will need to do some restorative work, this type of investment represents tremendous value.

    Success with the local experts

    Invest in real estate without the stress by working with experienced Jefferson County, NY realtors like Tara Marzano of Marzano Real Estate LLC. With years of experience in the real estate market in Jefferson County, you can count on Tara and her team to deliver nothing but expert advice and support in finding and landing your new home.

    Business agreement handshake of man and woman

    As a local realtor born and raised in Jefferson County, Tara Marzano knows the area better than most, and just as important, she is known and trusted in the area. This advantage has helped numerous clients find the home of their dreams or their ideal investment property. Tara is committed to delivering an unparalleled level of service to all her clients, regardless of their aims or housing goals, and Tara will always put her clients’ interest front and center.

    Be the owner of a Jefferson County home with the help of local experts Tara Marzano of Marzano Real Estate LLC. Get started by calling 315.788.7777 / 315.778.9164, or by sending an email here. We look forward to working with you.